A winemaker's favourite for its medium to full-bodied character and soft mouthfeel.

Pinot Noir

The most famous grape of Burgundy responsible for some of the world's most sought after wines. Produces earthy wines of classic character and elegance.


One of today's favourite red grape varieties producing aromatic wines in the classic Bordeaux style that age gracefully.

Cabernet Franc

One of the top three red Bordeaux grapes for producing wines that are crisp, enticing and elegant.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The world's most respected red grape highly prized for producing wines of the finest character.


The star red grape of the Abruzzo region of Italy and always a favourite with winemakers for its ability to produce lively and food-friendly wines.


Known as California's native red grape and an all-time home winemaker's favourite for its approachable, easy-drinking wines.

Ruby Cabernet

A favourite red grape for those who enjoy medium-bodied reds with a clean fruit character and easy-drinking youthful style.


Respected by home winemakers as a grape with the ability to produce reds with a zesty character.


Heavily planted and popular in Italy, it delivers lively reds with rich ruby colour. Great for blending with other Italian-style reds.


A traditional winemaking favourite renowned for its rich and deeply coloured red wines.


Known and loved by home winemakers for its full-tasting red wines that are easy-drinking.

Festa Red

Our popular in-house blend that combines quality red vinifera varieties to produce wines of character and finesse.

Premium Shiraz

Fresh from Chile

Premium Merlot

Fresh from Chile

Premium Cabernet Sauvignon

Fresh from Chile




The world's most famous white grape that produces wines of depth and character with superb balance and an elegant bouquet.

Blush Chardonnay

A refreshing favourite with the added attraction of its captivating pink hue.

Pinot Grigio

A world-famous grape recognized for its ability to produce soft yet refreshing medium to full-bodied wines that are refreshing and aromatic.

White Zinfandel

A favourite in its own right! Limited skin contact results in a light pink hue in this delicately flavoured blush wine.

Sauvignon Blanc

One of Bourdeaux's finest white grape varieties known for its intensely flavoured dry white wines of great elegance and character.


Recognized as the grape of Germany and a perennial favourite for producing crisp, clean tasting wines.

Chenin Blanc*

The star white grape of central France and a great choice for those who savour clean tasting, crisp white wines.

French Colombard*

For delicately flavoured wines with lively and pleasing acidity. Much sought after by those who prefer elegant and versatile white wines.


Easily identifiable by its flowery and grapey nose and truly one of the all-time favourite grapes of home winemakers. Produces wine styles from very dry to very sweet.

Thompson Seedless

A light-bodied, low acid grape for blending or producing standalone wines that are well-balanced and easy drinking.

Festa White

Our popular in-house blend of several noble white vinifera varieties for elegant white wines with finesse and character.


Low in acidity and delicate in flavour, producing soft white wines. An excellent blending grape as its flavours assimilate readily with those of the wine it's combined with.

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