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Rossana Di Zio Magnotta, president and CEO of Festa Juice

Great wines begin at Festa Juice. The best selection. Expert support all year round. And great wine every time!

For over 30 years, Festa Juice has been growing the home winemaking tradition and earning your trust with only the finest grapes in every pail of Festa Juice. We are a local, family-based juice company with 25-year roots in the Ontario wine industry. In 1985, Co-founders Gabe and Rossana Magnotta started what is today one of Ontario's largest juice distributors to home winemakers delivering quality and affordability. Backed by Magnotta Winery, our worldwide search for the best juices, production facilities and independent retail stores provide home winemakers with the best value, quality and selection of premium juices along with winemaking support from start to finish – all year round. It's what makes Festa Juice stand out from all the rest.

Meet Rossana Magnotta

Rossana Magnotta, CEO and president of Festa Juice, became drawn into winemaking at an early age while helping her father make his annual homemade wine. Later, as a young wife and mother with a curious spirit, she became more fascinated with winemaking which went hand-in-hand with her fondness for cooking. She experimented with anything imaginable including assorted fruits, herbs and greens – even dandelions – to make different types of wine.

When she began Magnotta Winery with her husband, it wasn't easy advising Italian, Greek and Portuguese men on how to make wine. But she was determined to earn their respect. She wrote a winemaking instructional book in different languages and gave it away for free. Once the book took off, the home winemakers started to come around asking to speak to “La Signora” about their homemade wines. Today, she continues her commitment to growing and supporting the home winemaking tradition with her loyal customers and as well as a new generation of winemakers who want to carry on their family's tradition or want to experience the winemaking process and the pride of creating their own wines.

The Grapes

“Canada is our home, the world is our vineyard”. Festa Juices come from some of the world's great vineyards – the United States, Europe and South America. Each year, our oenologists secure a supply of excellent juices at the best possible prices. This ensures that Festa Juices not only remain competitively priced but that our high standard of quality is upheld.

The Juice

Festa Juices are prepared utilizing only top quality grapes which are de-stemmed and pressed using modern, state-of-the-art technology, then centrifuged and/or filtered to yield an excellent juice with less than 1% sediment. Bringing the home winemaker the same wealth of experience that is used in the making of Magnotta Winery's award winning wines, Magnotta's team of oenologists analyze and balance the juice. Juices come in 21L pails with tamper-proof lids and are stored in walk-in coolers, ready for you to take home and convert into fine quality wines you'll be proud to serve to family and friends.

Our Customers

Home winemakers are proud, traditional wine lovers who feel a sense of accomplishment and pride that comes from creating wines of their own and proudly serving them at their table. Quality and value are important to them. And professional services are not only appreciated but demanded. Our great juices at great prices and superior service have earned us unparalleled customer loyalty. Using Festa Juices, home winemakers make great wines year after year and many have gone on to win medals at international amateur wine competitions.