For the Winemaker

A vintage gem! Watch the original Festa Way instructional video narrated by Rossana Magnotta.

Festa Juice provides exceptional service to support the home winemaker throughout the entire winemaking process – all year round.

  • You can call or visit your nearest Festa Juice retail location for advice any time on wines you're making or how to adjust them.
  • Ask any questions about fermenting, when to rack and bottle, how to cellar and store your wines and anything else about home winemaking.
  • Have your Festa Juice wines analyzed at any time. Wine samples submitted with a receipt will be analyzed by an oenologist free of charge.
  • Plus, all Festa Juices come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (within 4 months of purchase with an original sales receipt).

For step-by-step instructions on how to make wine The Festa Way:

Download The Festa Way Winemaking Guide by Rossana Magnotta